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Skylight - yes or no ?

A new skylight can completely change the character of a room, 

adding brightness, a sense of spaciousness, and style. 

It can scatter sunbeams throughout a dreary kitchen, brighten a

dark bathroom, capture a view from an attic room, or provide a 

starry-skied bedtime panorama.

A skylight can save you money, too. In addition to reducing the

need to use electric lights, it can deliver warmth in the winter and

cooling in the summer, minimizing the need for fuel-based heating

and air conditioning.

On winter days, the sun’s radiant energy can shine through a south

or west - facing skylight to warm interior surfaces. And in the

summer, a ventilating skylight can promote air circulation by

releasing the warm air that naturally rises.

The trick in making these savings a reality - and in keeping your

home comfortable - is to choose the right materials and features,

and place the skylight where it can do the best job.

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Types  of  Skylights

Skylights may be plastic or glass,         fixed or operable, and made in any number of sizes and styles. They can have insulated glazing,   UV-blocking capabilities, louvers, shades, and more. Knowing the right materials, the proper size, and the appropriate features to meet your needs is critically important. To help you focus on the particular qualities to look for in a skylight, please see:

    - Fixed or Operable Skylights / Deck mounted or Curb mounted

    - Skylight Construction

    - Skylight Blind and Shades

    - Sun Tunnel Skylights, Rigid and Flexible